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This Is A Wasteland Now.

Watch The Pole Dance Of The Stars...

9 December
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924 gilman street, acting, acting school, afi, alfred hitchcock, art shows, atreyu, baton rouge, beating up aj's car, being an individual, berkeley, beverly hills, black eyeliner, bleeding through, blondie, cbgb's, dancing, david bowie, designing clothes, dropkick murphys, electronica, ellen degeneres, español, fashion designers, fire, freddie mercury, george harrison, glassjaw, god forbid, going to concerts, graphic art, guitar, hair styling, hardcore, hating wisconsin, interpol, joe's house, joy division, l'arc-en-ciel, los angeles, lower east side, madonna, malibu, microphones, morrissey, mudvayne, mulate's, mulholland dr., music, musicals, new orleans, nightmare before christmas, nin, nofx, nyc, oakland, orlando, paintings, paris, partying, passing out at joe's., photo shoots, photography, pink eye makeup, playing up on stage, poetry, pretty boys, prodigy, promoting concerts, punk rock, queen, questioning authority, ramones, rancid, reading, recording music, red eye makeup, representin the scene, rock, running, s.t.u.n., san diego, san francisco, screaming, sex, sex pistols, shopping, singing, skateboarding, songwriting, standup comedy, straightedge, surfing, t.a.t.u., tatoos, techno, the beatles, the birds, the clash, the roxy, the sisters of mercy, the standard, the sunset strip, the troubador, the whiskey, tight pants, tight shirts, tour buses, touring in brazil, touring in japan, u2, underoath, vegans, vintage clothing, vnv nation, wanda sykes, warm weather, weight lifting, west hollywood, working at concerts